Six Sigma Consulting

Dynamic Insight Solutions offers a different kind of consulting.  Often consultants take up residence in companies charging high rates and offering far more wisdom than action.  Mark H. Murphy is  Six Sigma Black Belt ready to offer help the Six Sigma way. 

The Six Sigma methodology emphasizes quality, efficiency, and data based decision making.  Our consulting service is no different.  We offer project oriented improvement projects based on your needs in a focused and efficient process.

We first meet with your team to identify the problem areas, existing data,  and attainable data.  When we meet again we will have an initial analysis of the data that we will review with your subject matter experts to determine the meaning behind the numbers.  Using Six Sigma tools we guide you through the process of selecting an improvement target, implementing change, assessing the results, and planning for continued operations.   

The process is quick, efficient, and illuminating.  Each project can be complete within itself or part of an ongoing strategy depending on your needs.